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Label Applicator is an epoch-making tool to simply and firmly dispense and apply barcode labels, general labels and/or seals in roll and it can be operated like Hand Labeler.

APN series

What is the key concept

Five key points

  1. Feeding holes, slits or eye-marks is not required on release liner.
  2. No mechanical adjustment is needed in different size of labels.
  3. Different size of labels within the specifications can be dispensed and applied by the specific tool.
  4. 2-3mm gap between each label is required.
  5. Max. 100mm width label can be dispensed and applied. There is no similar tool in competitors.

The Mech-Sensor detects a height of label from 18mm upto 60mm without any adjustment.

How to use

It can use labels and seal in roll, labels or barcode labels printed by printer and rewind in roll can be used.
It can dispense a different size of labels without any adjustment.

  1. Load the label in roll on the hub, remove Label holder turning it counterclockwise and pull it toward you before label loading.
  2. Label comes out from the front of tool( Fig. 1) when pull Lever.
  3. Apply the label at the place you want.


Type of APN

There are three types of APN depending on the width of labels.
APN-30 is easy to handle, APN-60 is the most popular and APN-100 is convenient for a wide label.
Please choose the tool for your label size referring the specifications.

APN series Applicable label width Applicable Label Stroke
APN- 30 (294g) 20 - 30mm 18 - 60mm
APN- 60 (347g) 25 - 60mm 18 - 60mm
APN-100 (420g) 50 - 100mm 18 - 60mm

Notice: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.

AP series catalogue
APF series for Non-rectangular label

Examples of success in Japan

Logistics industry : address labels and tag

APN has been used to apply address labels in many logistics companies to relieve the daily labelling works on to carton boxes.


Courier industry : mailing seals and address labels and tags

APN has been adopted by the largest transport company to apply mailing label on the package and also many users of the company also use it by themselves to apply the label supplied from the company.


Ordinal users

Many kinds of labels such as barcode labels printed by printer is applied after rewind it.


In case of small amount of labels, you can rewind by hands and set it in use.

Agriculture and Fishery industry

Nowadays it is increasing the demand of product information such as a producer and the place of production as traceability.
It comes from the reason in disguise of the place of production and APN helps widely for the labeling works in the industry.
It is suitable to apply the label on fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, fish, seafood and so on at the point-of-ship from farms and fishing ports.

Labeling on Soft articles like eggs, strawberrys that vulnerable to damage can be put by Special tool.

Optional extra Label Applicator with Sponge Roller helps labeling solution on soft articles !
An optional extra Label Applicator with Sponge Roller reduces labeling damage on soft articles.
The Sponge Roller is available to supply as a part by option.

Other industry

APN is preferred for labeling works to apply special campaign seal on the articles in beverages makers, foods makers and convenience stores. Also it is used to apply a label like " Today's Special ", "Special Discount","Time Service" etc in supermarkets, food shops, food shops in department stores. Especially it helps labeling works in short time to apply Time Service label on foods package in order to sell off before the stores to close.
Some customers who use to apply IC label(IC tag) or RFID label(RFID tag) by APN. (Please ask us before use.)

Instructions for use

  1. Label wound in is recommended to use. (The label wound out is shown for easy understanding.)
  2. Synthetic paper labels may cause the problem, please contact us before use.
  3. The thickness of labels less than 50 micron cannot be used.
  4. 3" Label core adaptor can be supplied by option.

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Label Applicator APF

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APF series

APF has a movable Mech-Sensor to adjust it at the center of various kind of non-rectangular for smooth labeling.
You may fail to apply the non-rectangular label unless adjusting the Mech-Sensor at the center of label.

Type of APF

Please choose the tool for your label size referring the specifications.

APF series Applicable label width Applicable Label Stroke
APF- 30 (312g) 20 〜 30mm 20 〜 60mm
APF- 60 (370g) 20 〜 60mm 20 〜 60mm
APF-100 (420g) 20 〜 100mm 20 〜 60mm

Notice: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.

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Label Applicator APN10-30

Home > Product > Label Applicator APN10-30

Type of APN10-30

APN10-30 is a premium Label Applicator to dispense a small length label from 10mm which can not be dispensed by APN or APF series.

APN10-30 Applicable label width Applicable Label Stroke
APN10- 30 (292g) 20 〜 30mm 10 〜 60mm

Notice: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.

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